SGB attorneys contribute to the new edition of the WSAJ Product Liability Deskbook

SGB attorneys Tom Breen and Sims Weymuller were honored that the Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) asked them to write for the newly released  Product Liability Deskbook. The 24 chapter Deskbook is a comprehensive treatise, covering all areas of product litigation in Washington State. Both attorneys authored chapters in the Deskbook; Tom wrote on post-manufacture liability – Chapter 15, and Sims wrote on successor liability – Chapter 16.  Retired SGB attorney Janet L. Rice wrote a chapter on evidentiary issues in product liability – Chapter 20.

SGB has a long, proud history of representing people injured by defective products and this was an opportunity to further that service. These chapters demonstrate our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of product safety and liability issues and to providing high-caliber legal services to our clients. We hope that this work, coupled with the work of the other fine Washington attorneys who authored chapters, will help the citizens of Washington State obtain justice when faulty products fail and, ultimately, make our state a safer place to live.

SGB Creates New Law in Asbestos Cases

On March 3, 2014, Washington’s Court of Appeals handed down an opinion favorable to hard working people exposed to asbestos. In Farrow v. Flowserve USA, Inc., a case handled by SGB’s asbestos trial attorneys, Kristin Houser, Tom Breen and Bill Rutzick, Division I reversed a trial court’s decision that originally favored corporate defendant Flowserve. The new published case is important because it holds that so long as other corporate defendants have a similar motive when examining an adverse witness, the testimony of the witness can be used against a corporate defendant who for whatever reason did not attend the first deposition. A party wishing to use the testimony must show that those who were present at the deposition had a similar motive (e.g. to discredit the witness) as those who did not attend the deposition would have had.

There’s no question: when it comes to making good law on Washington asbestos cases, no other law firm has the track record like SGB. As the law firm with the longest tenure championing the rights of Washington victims of mesothelioma, this victory is particularly gratifying. In an era when asbestos law firms travel the globe looking for mesothelioma cases, we’re content to do what we do best: representing mesothelioma victims who live right here in Washington State – our home state.

Attorney Sims Weymuller joins SGB Personal Injury and Product Liability Practices

SEATTLE (March 15, 2012) – SGB has announced that Sims Weymuller has joined SGB. Sims is known for his intellect, his tenacity, and his dedication to clients. He will work on Personal Injury, Product Liability, Medical and Legal Negligence

Sims brings to SGB a decade of experience litigating complex matters. But he’s more than an outstanding lawyer and trusted advocate; he is a leader in our profession. Recently, he chaired the WSBA’s Professionalism Committee and the WSBA Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Board. He regularly writes and lectures on topics of professionalism and ethics.

“Sims is an extroardinary advocate, orator and all around human being,” notes SGB attorney Briteney Mercer. “Sims is passionate about his work and one of the most intelligent lawyers that I know. He is dedicated to his clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

SGB’s Personal Injury team represents people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of companies, government agencies, and others. The Product Liability group represents people who have been seriously injured or made very ill by unsafe or defective products. The Medical Malpractice group represents those who have been seriously injured as a result of a doctor or other health care provider negligent acts. Sims will continue to work with clients on Legal Negligence matters.